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Traffic and pedestrian safety has always been one of the top priorities of the Maywood Police Department. Our officers are continually working to improve safety and to address the increasing volume of traffic on the streets of our community.
Our department frequently hears concerns from residents about traffic violations occurring in their neighborhoods. These areas are then visually inspected to see what corrective measures are needed and, if necessary, officers are assigned there to enforce the traffic laws. 
In an attempt to educate the motoring public, our officers periodically conduct roadside checkpoints enforcing the mandatory seat belt law. While these officers do not issue summonses for violations, motorists are reminded about the law and are requested to Buckle Up. Drivers and passengers who are wearing their seat belts properly are usually rewarded with a small gift donated for that purpose by a local business.
Bicycle safety has also been one of the top traffic priorities for officers of the Maywood Police Department. There have been classes held for the children of our community showing them the safe manner in which bicycles should be ridden on the streets. During the course of this program, the children's bicycles were checked for safety equipment and hazards and participants were shown the importance of using bicycle helmets. Another such program is scheduled for the future.
Sgt. Donatello is currently in charge of the Traffic Division. Residents with any questions or concerns can contact him at (201) 845-2900 Ext. 142 or by email at

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