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Maywood Police Department

2020 Commendations

The Maywood Police Department is proud to recognize its officers or telecommunicators who have executed outstanding police work or have gone above and beyond their duties in serving the community. Below is a brief description of their actions. These actions are what we train for and what we are expected to do, but to complete these actions under extremely stressful or life-threatening situations is something that you cannot train for and is why we commend them. The incidents below also do not represent the total scope of police activity that our Departmental members perform on a daily basis with professionalism.

January 2020 – Narcan/Rescue Breathing Save


Officer Brian Rubio and Elias Atie were dispatched to a residence for a report of a party chocking. Upon arrival the victim was unconscious, breathing inadequately and showed signs of a narcotic overdose. Both officers worked together to assemble and administer Narcan, and to also provide respirations through a bag-valve mask. The victim began to regain consciousness and was placed into a recovery position until the arrival of EMS for transportation to the hospital. Officer Brian Rubio and Elias Atie are commended for their teamwork and lifesaving actions.



June 2020 – CPR Save


Officer Benjamin Singer and Andrew Mulligan were dispatched to a residence of an unresponsive female. They immediately performed CPR and delivered one shock with the use of the department’s defibrillator. The victim survived her cardiac arrest incident because of Officer Benjamin Singer and Andrew Mulligan’s ability to perform what they have been trained to do under extremely stressful and life-threatening situations.



July 2020 - De-escalation of a Suicidal Party


Officer Christopher Melber and Michael McMahon were dispatched to a residence of an intoxicated male who was in possession of a handgun and threatening to shoot himself. The officers entered the residence began to de-escalate the situation by addressing the agitated party and build a rapport. They were able to secure the handgun and convince the party to be transported to the hospital for medical attention. The successful outcome of this incident is due to the compassion and de-escalation skills of both Officer Christopher Melber and Michael McMahon.



September 2020 – Criminal Arrest of a Defaced Handgun


Officer Benjamin Singer conducted a motor vehicle stop which led to a narcotic investigation. While conducting this investigation, it led to the discovery of a passenger in the vehicle concealing a loaded handgun. The .22 caliber handgun was loaded with four hollow-point bullets and had a defaced serial number. Officer Benjamin Singer is commended for his professionalism, which led to the seizing of an illegal firearm from society. 



September 2020 – Suicidal Party


Telecommunicator Christopher Hill received a 911 call reporting a female party that fled a doctor’s office in her vehicle with intent on committing suicide and had the means to do so within her vehicle. Telecommunicator Hill gathered all the necessary information and immediately broadcasted the information on the State Police Emergency Network to alert all police agencies. Our department pinged the female’s cellular phone, which located the her traveling south on the Garden State Parkway. Telecommunicator Hill contacted the New Jersey State Police and continually supplied updated locations of her pinged cellular telephone.


From our Headquarters, Officer Benjamin Singer called the female party’s cellular phone and was able to speak to her while she was driving south on the Garden State Parkway. At first the female party refused to cooperate with Officer Singer and stated that she would not pull over or encounter any law enforcement officers. While on the phone, it was learned that through Telecommunicator Hill’s coordination with the New Jersey State Police, the


State Police were behind the vehicle attempting to stop it. After approximately 30 minutes, Officer Singer was successfully able to convince the female party to stop her vehicle and let the New Jersey State Police taker her to the hospital for treatment.


This successful outcome was due to the teamwork, compassion and professionalism of Officer Benjamin Singer and Telecommunicator Christopher Hill.



October 2020 – Narcan Save


Sergeant Peter Donatello and Officer Christopher Melber were dispatched to a residence for a victim that was unresponsive from an apparent drug overdose. The officers arrived on scene and the victim was unresponsive, turning blue with extremely labored breathing. They provide two doses of Narcan and provide rescue breathing until arrival of EMS and transportation to the hospital. Sergeant Peter Donatello and Officer Christopher Melber are commended for their lifesaving actions.



November 2020 – Off Duty Incident/Handgun Arrest


Detective Shawn Patton assisted the New Jersey State Police with the apprehension of a suspect in possession of a handgun. While Detective Patton was off duty in another jurisdiction, he observed two parties exited a vehicle and one of the individuals conceal a black handgun in his waistband. Both parties then enter a convenience store. Believing that the suspects may be attempting to commit a robbery, Detective Patton notified the New Jersey State Police and entered the store to maintain visual contact until the arrival of the State Police. Prior to the State Police arriving, the suspects left the store without incident. The State police arrived on location and investigation was conducted outside the store where both suspects were subsequently arrested for possession of CDS and unlawful possession of a handgun. Detective Patton exhibited a high degree of situational awareness while off-duty. His presence and quick action of notifying the State Police may have prevented an armed robbery and has removed the possession of an illegal gun from society.



December 2020 – Suicidal Party Barricaded with a knife


Officers Christopher Melber and Keion Best were dispatched to a residence of a suicidal male party who was in possession of a knife and barricaded in a bedroom of the home. Officer Melber and Best entered the residence and were able to de-escalate the situation and convinced the suicidal party to remove the barricade and open the bedroom door. They were able to secure the knife and peacefully take the male party into protective custody and transport him to the hospital for treatment. Officer Christopher Melber and Keion Best are commended for the teamwork and de-escalation skills that led to a successful outcome.

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