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The Maywood Police Department is teaming up with residents and business owners to combat crime by implementing a new community partnership program entitled “Monitoring Maywood”.


With the recent advancement in home security camera technology and its affordability, there has been a significant increase in properties operating video surveillance systems. Video surveillance is an extremely valuable investigative tool used by law enforcement to help identify and apprehend suspects who are caught on camera committing a crime.


The Maywood Police Department is asking residents and business owners with video surveillance systems to voluntarily register with our department. In the event that a crime occurs in your neighborhood, a Maywood Police Officer or Detective will contact you and ask for permission to view your footage. If your system was able to record any pertinent information, we would make arrangements to retrieve the footage at your convenience.


The Maywood Police Department is not requesting direct access to your home surveillance system. Registration is 100% voluntary and there are no associated costs. All information provided will remain confidential and will only be used by the Maywood Police Department.


If you would like to participate in this program, you can register your cameras by completing the short application below.

With your help, we can keep our town safe by deterring criminals from committing crimes in Maywood!

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