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The Criminal Investigation Division of the Maywood Police Department is charged with the responsibility of investigating all criminal matters within the Borough of Maywood. The investigators assigned to the Division are Detective/Sergeant William Phayre, Detective Christopher Nichols and Detective Shawn Patton.  In addition to handling all criminal investigations, the Division is also responsible for many other duties within the Department. These duties include but are not limited to maintenance of evidence, assisting with Domestic Violence complaints, prisoner transportations, applicant background checks and Internal Affairs.

Members of the Division regularly attended the Bergen County East Detective Group meetings held in Paramus. Attending these meetings helps us keep up to date on criminal activity in our area. We also received valuable intelligence on investigations that we were conducting as well as being able to provide information to other agencies from investigations we conducted.


Detective/Sergeant William Phayre
Phone: (201) 845-2900 Ext. 140

Detective Benjamin Singer
Phone: (201) 845-2900 Ext. 148

Detective Brian Rubio
Phone: (201) 845-2900 Ext. 147

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