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The Maywood Police Department in Bergen County, New Jersey is currently hiring one full-time telecommunicator, along with per-diem/part-time telecommunicators.


Interested applicants must be certified as a basic communications officer, but EMD is not required. Applicants must be willing to work holidays and weekends. Telecommunicators work in 8-hour shifts (0700-1500, 1500- 2300, and 2300-0700).

The starting salary for the full-time position is $42,096.00.

The per-diem/part-time salary for trainees is currently $16.50/hr, and increases to $17.50/hr upon completion of training. At the second year of service, the salary increases to $18.50/hr, with incremental raises per-year of accrued service. Per-diem/part-time employees working 2300-0700 and holidays receive time and a half pay.

Interested applicants should send resume, with cover letter, to:

Sgt. Matthew Parodi

Maywood Police Department

15 Park Avenue Maywood, NJ 07607

Any questions, contact Sgt. Parodi via email, or at 201-845-2900 ext. 137

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