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The Maywood Police Department is set to hand out 100 “reward tickets” to children under age 17 beginning on July 1, 2017.  The goal of this ticket blitz is to reward children who are caught wearing their helmets and to promote a safe summer by using positive reinforcement and education of helmet use. 


Children under age 17 who are observed wearing their helmet while participating in wheeled sports activities such as, riding a bicycle, skateboard, or roller skating will be issued a “reward ticket.”  The “reward ticket” will be redeemable for a free regular ice cream or Italian ice at Uncle Louie G’s located at 111 West Pleasant Avenue. 

The Maywood Police Department is promoting this safety initiative to ensure helmet compliance with NJSA 39:4-10.1 and NJSA 39:4-10.5.  A failure to comply with these statutes could result in a first offense warning or a fine to the parent/guardian of $25.00 and up to $100.00 for each subsequent offense.


This safety initiative was made possible with the partnership of Uncle Louie G’s and the Maywood Municipal Alliance.  Any questions about this program, please contact Det. Matthew Parodi or P.O. Erik Aronson at 201-845-8800. 

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