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The Maywood Special Police are accepting applications for membership for Special Class 1 Officers.


Applications can be downloaded at the link below or picked up at:
Maywood Police Headquarters
15 Park Avenue
Maywood, N.J. 07607


The deadline to submit completed applications is April 30, 2019.


The following are the Borough of Maywood requirements:

A. No person may be appointed as a special law enforcement officer unless the person:

(1) Is a resident of this State during the term of employment (preference given to Maywood residents).
(2) Is able to read, write and speak the English language well and intelligently and has a high school diploma or its equivalent.
(3) Is sound in body and of good health.
(4) Is of good moral character.
(5) Has not been convicted of any offense involving dishonesty or which would make him unfit to perform the duties of his office.
(6) Has successfully undergone the same psychological testing that is required of all full-time police officers in the Borough of Maywood.

B. No person shall be appointed to serve as a special law enforcement officer in more than one municipality at the same time, nor shall any permanent, regularly appointed full-time police officer of any municipality be appointed as a special law enforcement officer, nor shall any public official with responsibility for setting law enforcement policy or exercising authority over the budget of the Borough of Maywood or supervision of the Maywood Police Department be appointed as a special law enforcement officer.

C. Every applicant for the position of special law enforcement officer shall have his or her fingerprints taken, which fingerprints, upon appointment to such position, shall be filed with the Division of State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


D. The Chief of Police or, in his absence, other chief law enforcement officer of the Borough shall conduct a background investigation of the applicant to ascertain the eligibility and qualifications of the applicant and shall report these determinations, in writing, to the Mayor and Council.

Applications can be picked up at the front desk at Police Headquarters or downloaded below.


Any questions, please contact Officer Michael McMahon, (201) 845-2900 Ext. 151.


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